Every piece is design with passion to bring you the products we have today. To keep your jewelry in it’s best condition, here are some extra-care tips:

  • All our metals will NOT rust or tarnish.
  • For metal that are 18k gold plated or our black-coated metals. Not to worry as they are super strong. But to ensure that their plating last forever, we recommend avoiding constant heavy chemicals(perfume &showering) & avoid wearing them during heavy sweating activities such as sports.
  • If you prefer to keep your jewelry on or if you sweat a lot. We highly recommend our Steel 316L pieces(without plating) as they will not change at all.
  • Avoid pulling too hard on the elastic band.
  • We also provide Free restring services for our elastics. Text us on instagram @valiant.beads for more info.


Tips for cleaning:

  • Lightly rinse & wipe with a soft cloth.
  • For more detailed designs, you can brush it with a soft-tip toothbrush.
  • For Metals with plating such as 18k gold or Black coated metals. Avoid intense chemical & heavy scrubbing.


Tips for storing:

  • All jewelry comes with a Valiant jewelry box. For you to keep when not in use.
  • For travel, you may use a small cloth pouch. Recommended to have one for each piece of jewelry to avoid the metals from clashing.