Every piece is design with passion to bring you the products we have today. To keep your jewelry in it’s best condition, here are some extra-care tips:

  • Contact with water or sweat wont be a problem, but like all jewelry, it's recommended to avoid wearing them for Sports & Showering
  • Avoid pulling too hard on the elastic band.

  • Apply beauty products(perfume, lotion, etc) before putting on jewelry as constant contact with chemicals might affect the metal's plating or cord in the long run.
  • If you prefer to keep your jewelry on for heavy sweating activity, we highly recommend our silver pieces as they take no affect from sweat, water, or chemicals.


Tips for cleaning:

  • Wipe with soft cloth. avoid over scrubbing on pieces with small crystals

  • If you get dirt in the charms, you can brush it lightly with an unused toothbrush.
  • For all the cleaning method above, Avoid intense scrubbing and soap. Less contact with chemical & water is recommended.


Tips for storing:

  • All jewelry comes with a Valiant jewelry box for you to keep when not in use.
  • Avoid storing in places with direct sunlight or high moisture.(Ex: bathrooms)
  • For travel, you may use a small cloth pouch to save space. Recommended to have one for each jewelry to avoid the metals from clashing.